The winners of the 2020 Bike Giveaway are Lauren Smith and Collin Longtin!

Lauren Smith with her new bike.

It was all about shapes at Story Hour on Tuesday, March 10. We flew to China with Poldy and his friends to solve some riddles. Once we found the shapes in China, we found the different shapes in the Children’s reading area in the library. Of course, we used shapes for our activity using rectangles (playing cards) to form triangles while building card houses. Those who conquered the challenge were very proud of their buildings! We ate circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares for our snack. We love sharing our pictures and hope you enjoy seeing them.

The book “Amelia Writes Again” by Marissa Moss and read by Crystal Andersen led to a most creative activity on Tuesday, March 3rd. We learned to write with feathers! It was harder than expected, but we met the challenge and were rewarded with some amazing pictures and writings. After all our hard work, we ate pencils and erasers. There’s always a good time at Story Hour!

“Space Rock” by Jon Buller and Susan Schade was the book featured at Story Hour on Tuesday, February 4. Chase Hagen shared information about the rocks in his collection. Everyone completed a worksheet about a rock that they got to keep. Snacks included some tasty geodes and other rocks, as well as pinwheels. Everyone loved eating the rocks!